Photo of Lobby in original location - Uncle Giuseppe's Shopping Center on Route 111, Smithtown. From 2012 - 2022

First appeared in the November, 2019 issue of Nissequogue Village Life

LaVida Massage is locally owned and independently operated by Smithtown residents, Jessica and Jim, who believe strongly in the many health benefits of regular massage and skincare.

“My husband, who grew up in Commack, always wanted to own a local business. He wanted to support the town that we lived in. Since we believed so deeply in the many health benefits of Massage, LaVida was the perfect fit for us” recalls Jessica, mother of three Smithtown School District students.

Two years after opening and adding the skincare services, Jessica became pregnant with her third child and shortly after was diagnosed with Stage II Breast Cancer. Luckily, the couple had found a general manager who had been running a recently closed spa in the area for almost 15 years and it was the perfect fit. “Gail runs the center, I do all of the marketing and my husband takes care of the financials… we make a great team.”

And this team wouldn’t be successful without an amazing staff! Each of the therapists and estheticians are very carefully selected not only for their education and experience but for their passion for the craft. “Our employees truly love what they do and it shows in the way they care for our clients. We can’t ask for more than that” says Jessica with pride. “Our Front Desk Associates are fully immersed in the process and go out of their way to accommodate each client on an individual basis.”

Growing to 30 employees in just 7 years, the couple has also added a full line of wellness products as well as advanced skincare services such as IPL Photofacials and Rejuvenation, LED Therapy, Hair Removal and the amazing Hydrafacial.

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“We are the only Diamond Status Certified Hydrafacial center in the area operating two hi-tech devices to accommodate our clients. The Medical-grade Hydrafacial is a super-charged 45-minute facial that incorporates facial lymphatic drainage, cleansing, exfoliation, peel, serums and even boosters for special needs – all with a water Vortex technology that gives instant results to our clients!

We carefully choose services that we know are effective and affordable for our friends and neighbors (and I personally try each one to make sure I see results before I bring it to our center). Since we are consistently nominated for the Best of Long Island Awards in several categories, I’m guessing we must be doing something right!” she says with a smile.

LaVida Massage of Smithtown is dedicated to excellent service and customer service. “We feel like this is our home and we welcome our community into it each time we support their healthy lifestyle through massage and skincare.”  With 10 rooms including a Couples Room, Dedicated Skincare Room, Relaxation Room and a full compliment of health and wellness products, LaVida is able to support hundreds of clients a month as well as send them home with products or advice for continued care.

Located in the Uncle Giuseppe’s Shopping Center on Route 111 in Smithtown, LaVida Massage has become a staple of this community – with active participation in dozens of fundraisers and events throughout the year. “Our clients support us, and we couldn’t be happier to support them. It feels good to give back – especially in a healthy way!”

Offering an affordable introductory price for many of their services as well as a cost-savings Member Benefit Plan allows the community to not only try the award-winning services, but keeps the cost to the introductory rate if they want to return on a monthly basis. “We urge all of our clients to add regular massage to their healthy lifestyle. They can join with a family member and share the services – and even swap massage for facials any time they like – it really works out well for them.

“Sometimes we need to educate people that Massage is not just for relaxation. It is an Eastern medicine that has been around for thousands of years and helps with improved sleep, stress relief, improved circulation and flexibility, chronic pain reduction, improved focus, and more! It is often said that one hour of a therapeutic massage is equal to the health benefits of eight hours of sleep!”.

So please come and visit LaVida Massage – whether you are new to Massage and Skincare, or have maintained this lifestyle for a long time. We assure you, you will see the difference that LaVida makes!

LaVida Massage of Smithtown
87 Route 111
Smithtown, NY 11787