Our Retail Products

We don't sell anything that we don't use and stand behind ourselves. Our philosophy is that if it isn't healthy, we don't sell it. So please feel free to ask us about any of these products and how we use them every day - and come and test them for yourself!

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Bring home some HEALTHY today!

Your quest for better health should not end when you leave our center... take some of our favorite natural products with you and continue your journey toward a healthy lifestyle at home!

Explore some of our retail products below and learn just why we keep them in stock for you!

Farmhouse Fresh Skincare

We carry All-Natural and Organic. Come test the top sellers for yourself!

Water Enhancers

Power up your water with PURE Inventions all natural Water Enhancer

Oils & Diffusers

Explore the world of Essential Oils and some of their health benefits here!

Pain Relief for
Muscles & Joints

Revolutionary Pain Relief
Feel it for yourself!

Salt Lamps

These Lamps may be all the rage these days - but they have been around forever! 

Organic Skincare

Celebrities worldwide use Eminence to take care of their skin, why shouldn't you?

Clear My Head

This natural way to alleviate allergies does MORE than just clear your head!

Crystal Peel

Yes- we have it!
It's like performing Microdermabrasion at home!