LaVida Massage and Skincare, Skin Care, Himalayan Salt Stone, Himalayan Salt Lamp, Himalayan Salt Lamp Medium
LaVida Massage and Skincare, Skin Care, Himalayan Salt Stone, Himalayan Salt Lamp, Himalayan Mini Salt Lamp
LaVida Massage and Skincare, Skin Care, Himalayan Salt Stone, Himalayan Salt Lamp, Himalayan Salt Lamp Small
LaVida Massage and Skincare, Skin Care, Himalayan Salt Stone, Himalayan Salt Lamp, Himalayan Mini Salt Lamp with Aromatherapy Cup
LaVida Massage and Skincare, Skin Care, Himalayan Salt Stone, Himalayan Salt Lamp, Himalayan Salt Bowl

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Himalayan Salt Lamps

Salt lamps are beautiful - but they are also very healthy for you and your home! Below are some of the top questions we get about these beautiful lamps.


Well, to try to simplify... These lamps are NATURE's way of cleaning the air!

To explain...Atoms make up Molecules which make up everything... Every atom is made up of Protons (Positive charge) and Electrons (Negative charge) and Neutrons (but we don't need to involve them because they have no charge...). When atoms are unbalanced and become POSITIVELY charged, they are referred to as "FREE RADICALS".

Free radicals (you've heard this term, right?) are associated with human disease, including Parkinson's disease, cancer, Alzheimer's disease, and many others. Things that generate free radicals can be found in the food we eat, the medicines we take, the air we breathe and the water we drink, according to the Huntington's Outreach Project for Education at Stanford University. These substances include fried foods, alcohol, tobacco smoke, pesticides and air pollutants. In THIS case, we are talking about the AIR we breathe and the pollutants in it.

Now, we all have CELL PHONES, WIRELESS DEVICES, TELEVISIONS, TABLETS, COMPUTERS, etc in our homes. They are on 24/7 (at least in MY home they are!) All of these electronic devices are CAUSING FREE RADICALS IN THE AIR WE BREATHE! This is because they all emit POSITIVE ions. When the atoms become unbalanced with too much POSITIVE charge (Free Radicals), they will "search" for a negative charge to balance themselves again. We breathe in these free radicals and it causes a wide variety of immediate health issues (coughing, asthma, allergies, restless sleeping, etc...) This is because it interferes with our cells, proteins and DNA while it searches for it's negative atom to become balanced again!

OK - got it?? Might seem confusing - but think of your Salt Lamp as the great "BALANCER". The warmth of the light (a simple night light) heats the crystal and emits the negative ions you need to balance out all of those free radicals and keep those culprits from harming your body!



Well, there are many, but I will list the top 5 here...

  • A NATURAL DEODORIZER / AIR PURIFIER. Yep - these beautiful little accessories absorb the water molecules from the air, and trap all of the foreign particles before releasing "clean" water molecules back in the air!
  • REDUCES ALLERGIES & ASTHMA SYMPTOMS. By the same way, the microscopic allergens in the air (pollen, dust, mold, mildew - even pet dander) get trapped in the crystal and only clean molecules are replaced!
  • BETTER SLEEP / LESS COUGHING. Remember those nasty Free Radicals? Those "positive" charged ions actually weaken the cilia in your trachea so that they can't do their jobs correctly (which is filtering out pollutants before they reach your lungs). And these culprits also are known to reduce the blood and oxygen supply to the brain - resulting in bad sleep patterns. Add some "balance" with your salt lamp and watch how well you sleep!
  • INCREASED ENERGY. You know that great feeling you get when you are out in NATURE (remember that?) and breathe deep? That invigorating feeling? That's because the outside world in nature is filled with NEGATIVE ions. Adding a salt lamp to your room keeps YOUR world full of negative ions - often resulting in increased energy!
  • IMPROVE YOUR MOOD. These naturally soft, glowing crystals are comforting as well as naturally healthy - resulting in increased mood and comfort!


Real salt lamps are made from pure Himalayan Salt. These crystals are mined in one place and ONE PLACE only... The foothills of the Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan. This is where ALL real Himalayan Salt comes from. This mine, with the current extraction rate, is so big, it is projected to last another 350 years. (Better hurry and get yours!) 

Good question. Here are a few ways to determine if your crystal is real... 

  • It should be HEAVY
  • It should be IRREGULAR - remember, these are natural crystals - no two should every be perfectly equal unless they are being shaved into shapes by machines - but even then, the inside patterns are never the same.
  • It should NOT be CHEAP - Salt Lamps are generally sold based on weight. A small one may cost as much as a larger one if they weigh the same.
  • It should NOT be CLEAR - Himalayan Salt is Pink-ish or Orange-y... While WHITE Himalayan Salt does exist - it is even MORE expensive than pink and is highly sought after. And it is full of minerals so it should be a soft glow - not clear and bright!
  • It will SWEAT with moisture. Remember it is absorbing moisture from the air when warmed - so in the summer with the widow open, it should sweat (keep a glass plate under it to prevent damage to the surrounding area). It also should leave a color if you rub it with a clean paper or towel.
  • It is FRAGILE! It breaks and cracks easily. If your stone has crack marks in it, that is OK - it is natural.
  • It's country of origin will always be PAKISTAN. Period!


Since an 7-11lb Salt lamp (like in the picture above) is good for the average sized bedroom, I would start with that. (Average estimation is 1lb for every 4 square feet) You can leave it on 24/7 (I only unplug mine when I go on vacation) because remember, you are cleaning the air all of the time - not just when you go to bed! See if you experience some of these health benefits - especially during allergy season! And then add them to other rooms in your home if you so wish. 
I personally have one in every bedroom. I saw a significant change in my health and sleep when I had it on - after just a few days. When my 2 yr old was waking up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason and tossing and fussing, I added one to his room. He has slept "like a baby" ever since! (now 3.5 yrs old). My teen thinks it looks "cool" (her's is the Bowl with rock shapes) and for my 10 yr old, it's the perfect nightlight. I have seen a DRAMATIC difference in the health of my family since we've all had them in our bedrooms... if you suffer from any of the Free Radical caused symptoms above, I would urge you to try this 100% NATURAL solution before OTC drugs and medicine!

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