Ultrasonic Facials

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What is an Ultrasonic Facial?

Research has proven that Ultrasonic Facials work on a deeper level compared to many other traditional facial techniques. The benefit of a LaVida Massage Ultrasonic Facial is an increase in circulation while feeling relaxed, refreshed and beautiful.

What will it do for me?

The Ultrasonic Facial Treatment is recommended for all skin types, but has shown remarkable results for those with skin problems or acne because the machine penetrates the skin, allowing a deeper cleaning. It is also recommended for those seeking anti-aging benefits because of the fantastic lifting properties associated with the method.

Ultrasonic  removes dead skin cells, dirt, and debris. The thin metal spatula vibrates ultrasonically to extract pores without pain. Prepares the skin to absorb moisture and products from the facial, reducing fine lines.

Benefits include:

  • Promotes cellular renewal and repair
  • Tones muscles, increasing blood circulation
  • Combats puffiness and swelling around the eye area
  • Improves skin care product penetration

What is a session like?

During an ultrasonic facial, high level sound wave technology is used to penetrate deep below the surface of the skin. It is completely safe and highly effective, with no downtime, redness or pain. 

How many sessions will I need?

Ultrasonic is a type of facial. Using this method helps product penetrate deeper into the skin while stimulating your cells so that they regenerate faster. Using this method during any facial is suggested, and your skin will thank you for it! There is no specific amount of sessions required.

How much does it cost?

Our current pricing is as follows:


  • 30 Minute Session.....$109.95
  • Add to Facial..............$35.00


  • 30 Minute Session.....$79.95
  • Add to Facial..............$35.00

How do I get started?

Call us for a FREE CONSULTATION and we will help you design a treatment plan that is perfect for your skin type, time frame and budget.

Just pick up the phone and be on your way to clearer skin!

LaVida Massage of Smithtown, Skincare, Skin Care, Advanced Skincare, Ultrasonic

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