Custom Wellness at LaVida Massage of Smithtown

Our clients have busy yet active lifestyles. We believe in natural wellness therapies that are non-invasive and help bring out the best you can be. Come see the new wellness therapies that LaVida offers!

Wellness Offerings:

Custom Massage

We offer different modalities that can help address your specific concerns!

Whether it's a specific injury, or chronic concerns, our licensed Massage Therapists can help design a treatment program to get you feeling your best!

Stretching, Cupping, Hot Stone, Deep Pressure and more are available from certified therapists that specialize in treatments specifically for your needs!

Cryo T-SHOCK Pain Therapy

Stimulate muscle recovery and ease pain with Cryo thermal shock!

CRYO T-SHOCK is an innovative medical device that can be used to stimulate the natural process of pain reduction and activate the anti-inflammatory processes in the body.

Used for both acute injury and chronic pain, the thermal shock is effective for the rapid resolution of pain, reduction of swelling and improvement of joint mobility.

Assisted Stretch

Let our Stretch Therapists add range of motion and flexibility to your body!

With 30 or 60 minute sessions, you can loosen up tight muscles and joints and learn to do the same at home!

Private sessions with customized treatments based on your individual needs sets LaVida Assisted Stretching apart from the rest.

Great for athletes and desk-sitters alike. Try a session and see how great you can feel today!


Dry Salt Therapy to help respiratory and skin conditions

Whether you want to relax for 45 minutes while boosting your immunity, or you are treating a respiratory or skin condition, this salt room is pure therapy and can help!

Public or private sessions, yoga, reiki and guided meditation available!

Infrared Sauna

Not your traditional sauna - this infrared heat is more comfortable with more benefits!

A 20-45 minute treatment can help detoxify your body, increase metabolism, reduce stress and fatigue, improve sleep and more! Free Chromotherapy included!

Add the full spectrum option and aid muscle recovery like nothing else can!

Lymphatic Drainage Suit

Use Pressotherapy to improve health while relaxing!

This relaxing therapy can be used to increase circulation, expel toxins, increase athletic recovery, encourage weight loss and improve the appearance of cellulite.

You can even do this therapy while getting a facial or other facial therapy!